2015-05-03 Eric Biggers<sys/types.h> is required before <sys/sysctl.h> on...
2015-05-03 Eric Biggersheader.h: fix outdated comment
2015-05-03 Eric Biggerswrite_wim_header(): remove unnecessary condition
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersMove CPU and memory information to util
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersMake win32.h includable on non-Windows
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswimlib_export_image(): error if src_wim == dest_wim
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswrite: various cleanups
2015-05-02 Eric Biggersmount_image: ensure we always begin with empty file...
2015-05-02 Eric Biggersxml.c: Fix writing XML data for one image only
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswimlib_print_header(): fix printing of magic number
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerssha1.h: remove unused inline functions
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswim.c: adjust wimlib_compression_type casting
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersWin32 capture: sort streams by starting LCN
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersNTFS-3g capture: use reference-counted NTFS volumes
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersNTFS-3g capture: sort attributes by starting LCN
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersNTFS-3g capture: open inodes by inode number
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswim_inode: Remove i_list, leaving only i_hlist
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersVarious cleanups
2015-05-01 Eric BiggersNew helper: inode_get_unnamed_data_stream()
2015-05-01 Eric Biggersmount_image.c: set st_blocks to compressed size
2015-05-01 Eric Biggersxml.c: Simplify image statistics calculation
2015-05-01 Eric BiggersUse -D_POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS for MinGW build
2015-04-28 Eric Biggerswimlib_global_init(): check for conflicting case sensit...
2015-04-26 Eric BiggersClean up setting of compression type
2015-04-26 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: various documentation cleanups and improvements
2015-04-25 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: use WIMLIB_ERR_SET_REPARSE_DATA
2015-04-25 Eric Biggerswimlib_create_new_wim(): check for NULL wim_ret
2015-04-25 Eric Biggerswimlib_get_xml_data(): should use NO_FILENAME error
2015-04-25 Eric BiggersSerialize wimlib_global_init() and wimlib_global_cleanup()
2015-04-25 Eric Biggerswimlib_iterate_lookup_table(): include unhashed blobs
2015-04-11 Eric BiggersRemove unnecessary argument to hlist iteration macros
2015-04-11 Eric BiggersRemove --enable-verify-compression option
2015-04-04 Eric Biggersv1.8.1-BETA
2015-04-04 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: fix capture of unnamed stream only
2015-04-04 Eric Biggersinode/blob cleanups
2015-04-03 Eric BiggersImprove helper functions for setting blob locations
2015-04-03 Eric BiggersOptimize layout of 'struct blob_descriptor'
2015-04-03 Eric BiggersTrim down 'flags' member of 'struct blob_descriptor'
2015-03-29 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: simplify inode_longest_named_data_stream...
2015-03-27 Eric Biggerslzx_decompress.c: add missing validation in RLE length...
2015-03-27 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_capture.c: fix capture of empty named data...
2015-03-27 Eric Biggerstest-imagex-ntfs: fix empty xattr creation
2015-03-27 Eric Biggerstest-imagex-ntfs: remove unusable DOS name tests
2015-03-27 Eric Biggerstests: adjust calling of wimlib-imagex
2015-03-26 Eric Biggerswimlib_iterate_dir_tree(): checksum unhashed blobs
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersinode.c: fix initialization of i_streams
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersdetect attr/xattr.h for tree-cmp.c
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: avoid warning about sacl_offset unused
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersAdjust handling of blob reference counts
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersmount_image.c: rename create_dentry() to create_file()
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersLimit exposure of dentry and inode creation
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersblob_table.c: fix NTFS location clone error path
2015-03-26 Eric Biggersextract.c: file_name_valid(): fix bad memdup
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersStream and blob updates
2015-03-22 Eric BiggersAdd additional reparse point tests to win32-test-imagex...
2015-03-15 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Don't externally back very large files
2015-03-15 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: try to clear attributes on existing...
2015-03-15 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: handle target directory more like other...
2015-03-15 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply improvements
2015-02-25 Eric Biggersv1.8.0 v1.8.0
2015-02-25 Eric BiggersLZMS compression: a few minor cleanups
2015-02-24 Eric BiggersLZMS compression: use position instead of pointer for...
2015-02-24 Eric Biggerslzms_decompress.c: Make bit decoding function names...
2015-02-24 Eric Biggerslcpit_matchfinder: cleanups and optimizations
2015-02-19 Eric BiggersA few cleanups and fixes from recent changes
2015-02-18 Eric BiggersUpdate README.WINDOWS
2015-02-18 Eric BiggersUpdate Windows test script
2015-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Use CREATE_FOR_DIR flag for encrypted...
2015-02-18 Eric BiggersDo not use ADS entry workaround on encrypted files
2015-02-17 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: list --solid in help for more commands
2015-02-17 Eric BiggersVarious cleanups
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersFix Makefile.am
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersUse v1.8.0 as next version instead of v1.7.5
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS, README, and docs
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersUse 64MiB chunks by default for solid LZMS
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersLCP-interval tree matchfinder improvements
2015-02-15 Eric BiggersSupport "destructive" compression to save memory
2015-02-15 Eric BiggersReduce unnecessary copying during chunk compression
2015-02-14 Eric BiggersAdd flag for disabling solid sort
2015-02-14 Eric BiggersHeuristic sorting of streams for solid compression
2015-02-14 Eric BiggersUpdate documentation for wimcapture
2015-02-14 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: allow specifying suffix in chunk size...
2015-02-14 Eric BiggersConsistently use the name "solid resource"
2015-02-13 Eric BiggersRewrite of LZMS compressor
2015-02-07 Eric Biggerslzms_decompress.c: Adjust names in delta match decompre...
2015-02-07 Eric Biggerslzms_decompress.c: Add more information about delta...
2015-01-31 Eric BiggersSuffix array based matchfinder updates
2015-01-30 Eric Biggers1.7.5-BETA3
2015-01-30 Eric BiggersMove errno translation to win32_replacements.c
2015-01-30 Eric BiggersWindows: improved error messages
2015-01-30 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: in NO_ATTRIBUTES mode, reset file attributes
2015-01-30 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: fixes
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: adjust file creation
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-tree-cmp: Ignore directory sizes
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: add tests...
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: add some tests
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-tree-cmp updates
2015-01-29 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: Don't claim to support encrypted direc...
2015-01-29 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: fix restore of encrypted files and direc...