2014-05-13 Eric BiggersRemove dentry_get_file_type_string()
2014-05-13 Eric Biggersread_dentry(): Remove warning about dentry being unaligned
2014-05-13 Eric Biggersfree_dentry_tree(): Check lookup_table only once per...
2014-05-13 Eric BiggersFactor out inode_unref_streams()
2014-05-13 Eric Biggersnew_filler_directory(): Remove 'name' argument
2014-05-13 Eric Biggersdentry.c: Remove dentry_common_init()
2014-05-13 Eric Biggerswim_pathname_to_stream(): Remove unnecessary goto and...
2014-05-12 Eric Biggersdentry.c: Remove calculate_dentry_tree_full_paths()
2014-05-12 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: Remove unused full_writev()
2014-05-12 Eric Biggerschunk compressor: Use u32, not unsigned, for chunk...
2014-05-12 Eric Biggerscapture_common.c: Cleanup (mostly comments)
2014-05-12 Eric Biggersadd_image.c: Cleanup
2014-05-12 Eric Biggerswincfg: Add swapfile.sys
2014-05-12 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Update add flag documentation
2014-05-12 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: Check for unsupported NTFS mode earlier
2014-05-11 Eric BiggersDon't create unnecessary temporary files
2014-05-11 Eric Biggerscreate_temporary_file(): use _O_SHORT_LIVED on Windows
2014-05-11 Eric Biggerswin32_extract_stream(): Pre-allocate stream length
2014-05-10 Eric Biggerswimcapture, wimexport: With --pack-streams, default...
2014-05-09 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: Avoid unnecessary string duplications
2014-05-09 Eric BiggersRemove canonicalize_fs_path()
2014-05-09 Eric Biggersimagex-extract.1.in: Note that ASCII pathlist is fine
2014-05-09 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: Accept "max" as alias for "maximum"
2014-05-09 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-05-09 Eric BiggersUpdate version number in preparation of eventual v1...
2014-05-09 Eric BiggersAllow writing multiple packed resources per WIM
2014-05-09 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Allow multiple "subpacks...
2014-05-08 Eric Biggersresource.h: Fix comment
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Make sure all error messages go to stderr
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Support writing ISO image to stdout
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersStrip trailing slashes from Windows filesystem paths
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersA couple cleanups from last commits
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersUpdate --config docs
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersAdd progress messages for WIMBoot apply exclude
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersAdjust path matching
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersMore logical behavior when canonicalizing WIM paths
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersimagex.1.in: Update compression type list
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersReplace unnamed union initializers
2014-04-29 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Add missing header for --enable-verif...
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersFix a few format strings
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Make sure all resources get...
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersRevert "read_wim_lookup_table(): Make sure all resource...
2014-04-29 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: Remove unused writev() replacement
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Make sure all resources get...
2014-04-28 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Remove duplicate_stream variable
2014-04-28 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Adjust a few more comments
2014-04-28 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-04-28 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Cleanup
2014-04-28 Eric Biggerswimlib_join(): Fix buffer overrun when swm part 1...
2014-04-28 Eric BiggersRemove broken completed_parts write progress
2014-04-28 Eric BiggersRetain GUID when joining WIM
2014-04-28 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: Include WIMBoot options in usage printout
2014-04-28 Eric Biggerswimupdate: Add --wimboot-config=FILE option
2014-04-28 Eric Biggerswimupdate: Add --no-replace default option
2014-04-28 Eric BiggersDon't immediately discard streams with 0 references
2014-04-28 Eric Biggersrename_wim_path(): Fix journaling of name change
2014-04-28 Eric BiggersCheck for rename loops
2014-04-28 Eric Biggerswimlib_update_image(): Do proper rollbacks & replace...
2014-04-27 Eric Biggersread_wim_lookup_table(): Warn only once for all duplica...
2014-04-27 Eric BiggersHandle inconsistent uncompressed resources in same...
2014-04-27 Eric Biggersunix_capture.c: Force directories to separate inodes
2014-04-26 Eric BiggersWIMBoot: Update docs
2014-04-26 Eric BiggersWIMBoot: Update WimOverlay.dat directly when WOF not...
2014-04-26 Eric Biggersimagex: Fix a few comments
2014-04-26 Eric Biggersimagex-win32.h: Remove win32_wbasename() declaration
2014-04-25 Eric BiggersNEWS: fix typo
2014-04-25 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: Fix error number printing
2014-04-25 Eric BiggersWIMBoot capture: Override WimBootCompress.ini when...
2014-04-24 Eric Biggersimagex-capture.1.in: --wimboot is not Windows only
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersUpdate docs for chunk size and compression formats
2014-04-24 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: Add --pack-compress options
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersSwap XPRESS and LZX constants
2014-04-24 Eric Biggersload_prepopulate_pats(): Fix free
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersDon't warn about [PrepopulateList] when reading capture...
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersPay attention to PrepopulateList during WIMBoot application
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersRemove quotes in do_load_text_file()
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersUpdate docs for capture config and paths files
2014-04-24 Eric Biggersmangle_pat(): Remove quotes
2014-04-24 Eric Biggersencoding.c: Spill huge strings onto heap
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersRemoved deprecated stuff
2014-04-24 Eric BiggersParse capture configuration file in library
2014-04-23 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS and documentation for WIMBoot
2014-04-23 Eric BiggersFix generation of Windows distribution files
2014-04-23 Eric BiggersMove manpages from doc/ to doc/man1/
2014-04-23 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: Attach WoF driver if not running on target...
2014-04-18 Eric Biggerswof.h: Add more ioctls
2014-04-18 Eric Biggerstest-imagex: Fix check of boot index
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersUpdate version to 1.6.3-BETA
2014-04-18 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: Add --wimboot options
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersAdd WIMLIB_EXTRACT_FLAG_WIMBOOT
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersAdd wim_info_get_wimboot()
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersAdd code to create WIMBoot pointer files
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersAdd a new flag for capturing WIMBoot-compatible WIM
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersSupport basic reading WIMBoot WIMs
2014-04-18 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_capture.c: Capture named data streams of repars...
2014-04-11 Eric BiggersAdd avl_tree_for_each_in_{post,}order() macros and...
2014-03-31 Eric Biggersv1.6.2 v1.6.2
2014-03-31 Eric Biggersinit_upcase(): Clarify license
2014-03-31 Eric Biggersdentry.c: A couple small optimizations
2014-03-31 Eric Biggersavl_tree: Cleanup and improve comments