2016-04-28 Eric BiggersRestore comments that were accidentally deleted
2016-04-28 Eric Biggerswimcapture.1: add note about --update-of being unreliab...
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUse more comprehensive public domain dedications
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersCOPYING: updates and clarifications
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersREADME: tweak the last section
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersv1.9.2-BETA
2016-04-17 Eric BiggersCapitalize "Windows Overlay Filesystem" consistently
2016-04-17 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: correctly handle next_data_source_id field
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersintegrity.c: correctly validate minimum integrity table...
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersxml_windows.c: use correct integer type (no change...
2016-04-17 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: document receiving "unmount begin" progress...
2016-04-17 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: fix typo
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: update notes about libntfs-3g versions
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersunix_apply.c: fix overwriting existing readonly files
2016-04-17 Eric BiggersAdd randomized testing program
2016-03-12 Eric Biggersv1.9.1 v1.9.1
2016-03-12 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2016-03-12 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: correct return value of adjust_compressi...
2016-03-06 Eric BiggersFix detection of non UTF-8 locales
2016-03-06 Eric BiggersRemove sle{16,32,64} types
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: Enlarge FSCTL_QUERY_FILE_LAYOUT buffer...
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerswimmount.1: remove mention of deprecated --lazy option
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersREADME.WINDOWS: clarify different license files
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersInclude divsufsort.c license with Windows distribution
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerss/NTFS-3g/NTFS-3G/g
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersRename string_set to string_list
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersVarious renamings from "capture" to "scan"
2016-02-25 Eric BiggersBriefly describe --unsafe-compact for each command
2016-02-25 Eric Biggerswimapply.1: update mentions of sparse file attribute
2016-02-25 Eric BiggersUpdate feature lists
2016-02-25 Eric BiggersMove compression benchmark tables to website
2016-02-25 Eric BiggersStandardize wording: "since wimlib vX.X.X"
2016-02-21 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply: eliminate unnecess...
2016-02-21 Eric BiggersRename tests-common.sh => test_utils.sh
2016-02-21 Eric BiggersRemove tests/multi-mount
2016-02-21 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: fix misleading indentation
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: various documentation cleanups and improvements
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerserror.c: clarify two error descriptions
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersMake 'wimdir --detailed' show object IDs
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersAdd support for capturing/applying object IDs
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_common: simplify DLL initialization
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersDirectly link with ntdll on Windows
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: handle NtQuerySecurityObject returning...
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_common: add winnt_fsctl() helper method
2016-02-16 Mike Swansonmake-windows-release: allow *.cmd files to operate...
2016-02-14 Eric BiggersUse -Wall -Werror when compiling releases
2016-02-11 Eric Biggersxml.c: pass non-const xmlNode to xmlHasProp()
2016-02-11 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2016-02-11 Eric BiggersREADME.WINDOWS: add instructions for building from...
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: retry NtReadFile() requests
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: add message about known issue with Windo...
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: explicitly remove extra slashes in link...
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: don't add extra slash to link target
2016-02-09 Eric Biggersv1.9.1-BETA
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: add extra error messages if pread(...
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswrite.c: add error messages around all read and write...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMark VSS support non-experimental
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerstools/windeps: update Windows dependencies Makefile
2016-02-09 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac: enable silent make rules
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMakefile.am: remove '--tag NASM' from libtool command...
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswrite.c: warn if WIM file cannot be truncated
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersAddress MinGW compiler warnings (harmless)
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerscompiler.h: start honoring _format_attribute on UNIX
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerscompiler.h: remove concept of different unaligned acces...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMark functions containing only static assertions intent...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMerge compiler-gcc.h into compiler.h
2016-02-09 Eric Biggersextract.c: replace tempnam() with mkstemp() on non...
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerslzms_common.h: add cast needed if sizeof(int) > sizeof...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersImage metadata updates
2016-02-03 Eric Biggersinode_fixup: don't warn about inode corrections
2016-02-02 Eric Biggersarchlinux/PKGBUILD: ntfsprogs is now included in ntfs...
2016-01-31 Eric Biggersv1.9.0 v1.9.0
2016-01-27 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: add "since" note for WIMLIB_ADD_FLAG_FILE_PAT...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: don't ask for permission to read data...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: correctly handle unspecified security...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersregistry: define MAX_VALUE_SIZE with other limits
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersblob_table: decrease initial blob table size
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersinode_table: don't bother clearing array while preparin...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersinode_table: make the inode table resizable
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimcapture, wimappend: opt in to open by file ID
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: make open by file ID opt-in
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersxml: (style) use u32 instead of uint32_t
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersupdate_image: tweak error message for SNAPSHOT mode...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswiminfo: remove old --metadata option
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: remove old --compress-slow options
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: remove old --pack-* option aliases for...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: remove unused "resume" option which...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: remove old PACK_STREAMS alias for SOLID
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: remove unused RESUME flag
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: remove old ADD_IMAGE_FLAG aliases
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersxml_windows: get correct build number from Windows...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: pass proper path to scan callback
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: add alternate scan routine that uses...
2016-01-10 Eric BiggersAdd a .gitignore file
2016-01-09 Eric Biggersxml_windows: support non-default system roots
2016-01-09 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: warn about potential --compress=recovery...
2016-01-09 Eric BiggersReport every link in scan progress
2016-01-09 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: tweaks to write progress messages