Various cleanups
[wimlib] / src / lzx_compress.c
2015-02-17 Eric BiggersVarious cleanups
2015-02-15 Eric BiggersSupport "destructive" compression to save memory
2015-01-20 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: adjust saving of length 2 matches
2015-01-14 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: cleanups
2015-01-14 Eric BiggersLZ hashing cleanup
2015-01-12 Eric BiggersEnsure validity of max_search_depth
2015-01-12 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: Clarify some array bounds
2015-01-11 Eric BiggersMerge LZX compression updates
2014-12-26 Eric BiggersAdjust naming of (de)compression files