avl_tree: replace 'AVL_INLINE' with 'forceinline'
[wimlib] / include / wimlib / avl_tree.h
2016-07-19 Eric Biggersavl_tree: replace 'AVL_INLINE' with 'forceinline'
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUse more comprehensive public domain dedications
2015-01-25 Eric Biggersheader cleanups
2014-06-08 Eric BiggersUpdate public domain dedications
2014-04-11 Eric BiggersAdd avl_tree_for_each_in_{post,}order() macros and...
2014-03-31 Eric Biggersavl_tree: Cleanup and improve comments
2014-03-30 Eric Biggersavl_tree: Fix comments
2014-03-30 Eric Biggersavl_tree: Remove dependency on compiler.h
2014-03-23 Eric BiggersReplace red-black tree code with AVL tree code