2013-04-21 Eric Biggersunix_capture_directory(): Use readdir() instead of...
2013-04-21 Eric Biggerscapture_ntfs_streams(): Set 'ret' properly
2013-04-21 Eric BiggersMisc. fixes
2013-04-11 Eric BiggersSimplify write_resource_cb()
2013-04-11 Eric BiggersAdd missing iconv_cleanup()s
2013-04-11 Eric Biggerswin32: Improve support for different filesystems
2013-04-10 Eric BiggersWin32: Add untested support for encryted capture
2013-04-10 Eric BiggersAdjust full path calculations
2013-04-09 Eric BiggersSave original xml_data only when needed
2013-04-09 Eric Biggersimplement WIMLIB_INIT_FLAG_ASSUME_UTF8
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersUse -fno-strict-aliasing
2013-04-08 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac: Fix --enable-verify-compression
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersUpdate README
2013-04-08 Eric Biggers--disable-verify-compression by default
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersFix compiling with --without-fuse
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersWrap do_ntfs_umount() declaration with WITH_NTFS_3G
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersMultithreaded stream write: Fix progress function...
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersUpdate library CURRENT and AGE
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersUpdate version to 1.3.3
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-04-08 Eric Biggersread_dentry(): Ignore ReparseTag for non-reparse-points
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersWrite uncompressible streams uncompressed in multithrea...
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersComment multithreaded stream writing code
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersAdd --threads option to imagex-optimize
2013-04-08 Eric BiggersMultithreaded stream writing fixes
2013-04-07 Eric BiggersMultithreaded compression (IN PROGRESS)
2013-04-07 Eric Biggersresource code fixes/cleanup
2013-04-07 Eric Biggerswim_checksum_unhashed_streams(): Use image_for_each_unh...
2013-04-07 Eric Biggersoverwrite_wim_inplace(): cleanup
2013-04-07 Eric Biggerswrite.c, lookup table.c: cleanup
2013-04-06 Eric BiggersAdd more comments
2013-04-06 Eric Biggersfinish_write(): Reorganize
2013-04-06 Eric Biggersxml_update_image_info(): Assume streams are resolved
2013-03-31 Eric BiggersRewriting multithreaded compression code (IN PROGRESS)
2013-03-31 Eric BiggersGet capturing NTFS reparse points working again
2013-03-31 Eric BiggersFixes
2013-03-31 Eric BiggersFixes; comments
2013-03-30 Eric BiggersGet append working
2013-03-30 Eric BiggersFixes, comments
2013-03-30 Eric Biggersrefcnt image metadata; calculate full path on-demand
2013-03-30 Eric BiggersInitial rewrite of resource code
2013-03-29 Eric BiggersWin32: Improve restoring of special attributes
2013-03-29 Eric BiggersWIM capture: Share inodes immediately
2013-03-28 Eric Biggerssplit, join: Read input WIM(s) sequentially
2013-03-28 Eric BiggersExport compression and decompression functions
2013-03-28 Eric Biggersjoin_wims(): Don't rebuild metadata resources
2013-03-28 Eric BiggersReplace _wcserror_s for Windows XP compatibility
2013-03-27 Eric Biggersoverwrite_wim_inplace(): Only write new metadata resour... v1.3.2
2013-03-27 Eric Biggerswrite.c: Send fewer progress msgs when extracting...
2013-03-27 Eric BiggersAdd make-windoze-release script
2013-03-27 Eric Biggersexport compression functions when using special define
2013-03-27 Eric BiggersFix debugging statements
2013-03-27 Eric BiggersMove capture config parsing to imagex
2013-03-26 Eric BiggersPrint each file or directory excluded
2013-03-26 Eric BiggersAdjust capture config; refactor unix_build_dentry_tree()
2013-03-26 Eric BiggersRemove unimplemented CompressionExclusionList from...
2013-03-26 Eric BiggersWin32: Minor code/comment fixes
2013-03-26 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Doc fixes
2013-03-26 Eric BiggersAvoid implementation-defined calloc of 0 bytes
2013-03-26 Eric Biggersimagex: Use enumerated type for long options
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersModify treatment of metadata entries
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersWin32 updates
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersWin32 fixes
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersUpdate version to 1.3.2
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersRemove unneeded parameter from compression functions
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersStyle
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersUpdate char encoding docs
2013-03-23 Eric Biggersinit_ads_entry(): Fix comparison
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersChar encoding updates and misc. fixes
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersEncodings update (IN PROGRESS)
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersEncodings update (IN PROGRESS)
2013-03-22 Eric Biggerswin32_read_file: Use UTF16-LE name
2013-03-22 Eric Biggersbuffer_io.h: Remove unnecessary casting
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersMove FreeLibrary call to win32_global_cleanup()
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersFix symlink.c conditional v1.3.1
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersUpdate version number to 1.3.1
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersDynamically load Find{Find,Next}StreamW()
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersAdd --noacls options and set dwDesiredAccess more appro...
2013-03-22 Eric Biggerswin32.c: Misc. fixes
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersWin32: skip dead code in symlink.c
2013-03-22 Eric Biggersinode_add_ads_with_data(): Rename label
2013-03-22 Eric Biggersimagex.1.in: Remove redundant words
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersAdd generated man pages to DISTCLEANFILES
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersAllow "imagex" to be renamed (default: wimlib-imagex)
2013-03-21 Eric Biggerswin32.c realpath(): Don't allocate extra byte
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersREADME: Update Windows reference
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersUpdate wimlib.h docs v1.3.0
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersFix when debugging enabled but error messages are not
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersReplace rename()
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersMisc. fixes
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersFix glob()
2013-03-21 Eric BiggersUpdate docs
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersUpdate README.WINDOWS
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersConditionally declare win32_file_on_disk_fp
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersWin32 fixes
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersFixes
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersFix utf16le_strlen() and recursive error messages
2013-03-20 Eric BiggersCharacter encoding changes (IN PROGRESS)