wimcapture.1: 7-Zip 15.12 supports LZMS decompression
[wimlib] / programs / mkwinpeimg.in
2015-08-08 Eric BiggersUpdate references to specific Windows versions
2015-05-30 Eric BiggersUse "EXIT" instead of "exit" in bash trap statements
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersRemove support for --with-imagex-progname configure...
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Make sure all error messages go to stderr
2014-04-29 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Support writing ISO image to stdout
2014-03-19 Eric BiggersCleanups
2013-12-31 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Make compatible with Syslinux version 6
2013-12-24 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Fix --start-script when script not in curre...
2013-10-11 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Quote $0 v1.5.1
2013-08-04 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Improve preceding commit
2013-08-04 Christopher Horlerfix mkwinpeimg.in for WAIK v3.1 supplement disc image use
2013-05-18 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: Use imagex update
2013-03-22 Eric BiggersAllow "imagex" to be renamed (default: wimlib-imagex)