Update Arch Linux PKGBUILD
[wimlib] / archlinux / PKGBUILD.in
2012-09-01 Eric BiggersUpdate Arch Linux PKGBUILD
2012-05-25 Eric BiggersNEWS
2012-05-25 Eric BiggersVersion 0.7.2 v0.7.2
2012-05-20 Eric BiggersUpdate news and remove md5sum from PKGBUILD.in v0.7.1
2012-05-04 Eric BiggersCorrect md5sum of wimlib-0.6.3.tar.gz
2012-05-04 Eric BiggersUse downloads.sourceforge.net URL
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersPackages for Debian, Redhat, and ArchLinux in tree