tagged_items: rename inode_set_tagged_data() to inode_set_tagged_item()
[wimlib] / src / tagged_items.c
2017-01-07 Eric Biggerstagged_items: rename inode_set_tagged_data() to inode_s...
2016-12-28 Eric Biggerstagged_items updates
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerss/NTFS-3g/NTFS-3G/g
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersAdd support for capturing/applying object IDs
2015-10-19 Eric Biggersinode: move 'i_extra_size' to 'i_extra' buffer
2015-06-05 Eric BiggersNew helper macro: ALIGN()
2015-05-30 Eric BiggersFix tagged item parsing infinite loop when 32-bit and...
2014-12-14 Eric Biggerstagged_items.c: length should be rounded up when adding...
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUse LGPLv3+ for src/*.c
2014-05-26 Eric Biggerstagged_items.c: Include header size when searching...
2014-05-23 Eric BiggersAdd support for special files on UNIX
2014-05-23 Eric BiggersRecognize tagged metadata items and use for UNIX data