2012-05-04 Eric BiggersUse downloads.sourceforge.net URL
2012-05-04 Eric BiggersChanges to compile wimlib on FreeBSD.
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersAllow libssl0.9.8 for dpkg dependency
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersBuild Debian package with debhelper 7
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersInclude pkgconfig in RPM
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersBuild system fixes
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersPackages for Debian, Redhat, and ArchLinux in tree
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersAdded pkgconfig file; man pages auto-generated
2012-05-02 Eric Biggersfix version number in configure script
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersStart using NEWS and stop using ChangeLog
2012-05-01 Eric BiggersMake repository be in 'distclean' state.
2012-05-01 Eric BiggersInitial commit (current version is wimlib 0.6.2)