2014-12-16 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac cleanup
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersMakefile.am cleanup
2014-12-16 Eric Biggersutf16le_dupz() input may be misaligned
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersDon't run man pages through configure
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersRemove support for --with-imagex-progname configure...
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersRemove support for --enable-more-assertions configure...
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersENABLE_MORE_DEBUG no longer exists
2014-12-15 Eric Biggersinode.h, inode.c cleanup
2014-12-15 Eric BiggersClean up util.h and util.c
2014-12-14 Eric BiggersHeader fixes
2014-12-14 Eric Biggersreference.c: correct rollback in error paths
2014-12-14 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: Add file comment
2014-12-14 Eric BiggersGet rid of wimlib/version.h
2014-12-14 Eric BiggersCleanup timestamp conversion code
2014-12-14 Eric Biggerstagged_items.c: length should be rounded up when adding...
2014-12-14 Eric Biggerswim.h: reorganize WIMStruct fields and update comments
2014-12-14 Eric Biggersnew internal image deletion helper
2014-12-13 Eric Biggersexport_image.c: adjust error message
2014-12-13 Eric BiggersWIMStruct: Rename 'deletion_occurred' to 'image_deletio...
2014-12-13 Eric Biggersinode_fixup.h: remove unnecessary #include
2014-12-11 Eric Biggerslz_extend: little endian CPU is necessary for byte...
2014-12-11 Eric BiggersAnnotate yet another unaligned memory access
2014-12-10 Eric BiggersUpdate version to v1.7.4-BETA
2014-12-10 Eric Biggersportability and compression cleanups
2014-12-06 Eric Biggerscleanups
2014-11-26 Eric BiggersWorkaround for FILE_SUPERSEDE being broken in Windows...
2014-11-22 Eric BiggersAdd some missing config.h includes
2014-11-22 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Remove unused function
2014-11-22 Eric Biggersmount_image.c: Replace use of zero-length array
2014-11-22 Eric BiggersRemove unused 'wim' argument to read_metadata_resource()
2014-11-22 Eric Biggerslist.h cleanup
2014-11-22 Eric BiggersUse quote includes for all internal headers
2014-11-20 Eric Biggerssha1.c: Annotate potential unaligned memory accesses...
2014-11-20 Eric Biggerslookup_table.c: Annotate potential unaligned memory...
2014-11-15 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Fix error in wimlib_get_version() documentation
2014-11-14 Eric Biggersv1.7.3 v1.7.3
2014-11-11 Eric BiggersSilence compiler warning in make_huffman_decode_table()
2014-11-11 Eric BiggersLZX, LZMS: Annotate unaligned memory accesses in x86...
2014-11-07 Eric Biggerswimlib_export_image(): cleanups and fixes for rollback
2014-11-07 Eric Biggerswimlib_set_image_name(): Allow multiple images with...
2014-11-05 Eric BiggersFix for rewriting uncompressed resources when exporting...
2014-10-27 Eric BiggersRemove "memory exhausted" error messages
2014-10-27 Eric Biggerswrite.c: Warn when falling back to single-threaded...
2014-10-26 Eric Biggerswin32_get_avail_memory(): Report 85% of minimum of...
2014-10-25 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-10-25 Eric BiggersAdd warning messages and retries around FSCTL_SET_EXTER...
2014-10-25 Eric BiggersDon't use the old ADD_IMAGE flag names
2014-10-25 Eric BiggersRename add_image_params => capture_params
2014-10-23 Eric BiggersReport some extraction errors on Windows
2014-10-22 Eric BiggersReport directory tree scan errors
2014-10-18 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Try to remove/rename conflicting short...
2014-10-15 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: Fix format string
2014-10-14 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-10-14 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Match PrepopulateList patterns against...
2014-10-14 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Never externally back extracted SYSTEM...
2014-10-14 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: Dynamically size extents and drive_info...
2014-10-14 Eric BiggersUpdate version to v1.7.3-BETA
2014-10-14 Eric BiggersLimit can_modify_wim() calls; remove can_delete_from_wim()
2014-10-03 Eric Biggersv1.7.2 v1.7.2
2014-09-28 Eric BiggersWorkaround for WOF incompatibility
2014-09-27 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: Don't open base or template WIMs for...
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUpdate COPYING
2014-09-27 Eric Biggersprograms/wgetopt.c: Adjust license to reflect this...
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersDon't bother with copyright statement in header file
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUse LGPLv3+ for src/*.c
2014-09-26 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-09-26 Eric Biggerswin32_{apply,capture}.c: workaround for SACL_SECURITY_...
2014-09-26 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-09-25 Eric Biggerscompress_parallel.c: Smarter setting of chunks_per_msg
2014-09-25 Eric Biggersmake_reparse_data(): No changes until success ensured
2014-09-25 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Random cleanups
2014-09-22 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Add workaround for setting ACL auto...
2014-09-21 Eric BiggersA few minor compressor cleanups
2014-09-14 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Fix for lazy parsing and multiple blocks
2014-09-14 Eric BiggersCompression updates
2014-09-08 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Fix format string
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Avoid unnecessary branch in match cost...
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx_write_match(): One-branch check for aligned offset...
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Optimize output of compressed Huffman...
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx_decompress_block(): One-branch check for aligned...
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerswimverify: Add --nocheck option
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerslzx-decompress.c: Optimize lzx_read_codeword_lens()
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerslzx-decompress.c: Inline and optimize lzx_decode_match()
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersread_huffsym(): Use 'unsigned' for 'entry' and 'key_bits'
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersxpress-decompress.c: Performance tweaks
2014-09-06 Eric BiggersMove XPRESS_TABLEBITS to xpress-decompress.c
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerslz_copy(): Unroll first iteration
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerslzx-decompress.c: Don't allow using offsets of 0
2014-09-06 Eric BiggersUpdate input_bitstream
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac: Remove unnused variable SHA1_SOURCES
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: Don't set RP_FIX until all commands...
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Use volume ID as device number
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: Remove update1()
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersxml.c: Minor cleanup
2014-09-06 Eric Biggersxml.c: Simplify node_get_string()
2014-09-06 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Add section about backwards compatibility
2014-09-04 Eric BiggersAdd WIMLIB_ERR_FVE_LOCKED_VOLUME
2014-09-04 Eric Biggersread_capture_config(): Don't warn about compression...
2014-09-04 Eric BiggersRemove WINDOWS_LDADD