2014-08-21 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Various minor doc improvements
2014-08-20 Eric Biggerswimlib_get_compressor_needed_memory(): return 0 on...
2014-08-20 Eric BiggersMake create_decompressor() checks of max_block_size...
2014-08-20 Eric Biggerswimlib_create_{de,}compressor(): Check ctype first
2014-08-20 Eric Biggerswimlib_create_decompressor(): Fail if max_block_size...
2014-08-20 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Improve documentation for compression API
2014-08-19 Eric BiggersLZX: Allow max_block_size not a power of 2
2014-08-19 Eric Biggerswimlib_decompress(): Check uncompressed_size
2014-08-19 Eric Biggerslz_*.c: Use UINT32_MAX for default max_match_len
2014-08-19 Eric Biggerswimlib_compress(): Return 0 if uncompressed_size is...
2014-08-17 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Use volume handle when enabling short...
2014-08-17 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Adjust short name behavior
2014-08-17 Eric Biggersxpress-decompress.c: Remove unnecessary bitstream_ensur...
2014-08-17 Eric BiggersLZX, XPRESS: Use optimized write_bits() functions
2014-08-16 Eric BiggersRate limit VERIFY_STREAMS progress messages
2014-08-16 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Set WimBoot=1 in extracted registry
2014-08-16 Eric Biggersextract.c: Simplify mkdir_if_needed()
2014-08-16 Eric BiggersREADME: update COMPRESSION RATIO section
2014-08-15 Eric BiggersSet version to 1.7.2-BETA
2014-08-14 Eric BiggersMore lz_hash_chains, lz_binary_trees performance improv...
2014-08-07 Eric Biggersdebian/control: Fix Depends
2014-08-07 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_capture.c: ntfs_get_ntfs_attrib() gets cpu...
2014-08-07 Eric Biggersv1.7.1 v1.7.1
2014-08-07 Eric Biggersdecompress_common.c: Don't include error.h
2014-08-07 Eric Biggerslzx-common.c: Use sle32 for target in e8 translation
2014-08-07 Eric BiggersDelete useless 1-byte explicit endian types
2014-08-07 Eric BiggersAdd sparse annotations for endianness checking
2014-08-07 Eric BiggersUpdate README and README.WINDOWS
2014-08-06 Eric BiggersLZX decompression: Cleanup
2014-08-06 Eric Biggersmount_image.c: Cleanup
2014-08-05 Eric Biggersread_wim_header(): Check return value of lseek()
2014-08-05 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_capture.c: Remove a never-executed statement
2014-08-05 Eric Biggerscapture_common.c: Add missing breaks in switch stmt...
2014-08-05 Eric Biggersextract.c: Fix dereference of NULL in memory exhausted...
2014-08-05 Eric Biggerswrite.c: Fix handling of NULL context in stream_filtered()
2014-08-03 Eric Biggerswim.h: Delete prototype for nonexistent function close_...
2014-08-03 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: Remove code for windows version detection
2014-08-03 Eric Biggersxpress.h: Remove ENABLE_XPRESS_DEBUG
2014-08-03 Eric Biggersdebian/: wimlib9 => wimlib15
2014-08-02 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Fix crash on compression levels 1...
2014-08-02 Eric Biggersextract.c: Fix yet another bug in many-identical-stream...
2014-08-02 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Update wimlib_create_compressor() docs
2014-08-02 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Ignore unnamed data stream of reparse...
2014-07-29 Eric Biggersdecompress_common.h: Add back check for buffer overrun
2014-07-28 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex.1: Mention 'verify' subcommand
2014-07-28 Eric Biggersextract.c: Fix extract_from_tmpfile()
2014-07-28 Eric BiggersAbbreviate the NEWS a bit
2014-07-28 Eric BiggersAdd 'wimlib-imagex verify' command
2014-07-28 Eric BiggersAdd wimlib_verify_wim()
2014-07-27 Eric BiggersAdd sprint_hash()
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex.1: Update license statement
2014-07-27 Eric BiggersUpdate COMPRESSION RATIO section in README
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Update some comments
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Don't update recent offset queue unnece...
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Speed up rep match cost evaluations
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Use local variable for 'optimum' pointer
2014-07-26 Eric Biggersdecompress_common.h: Optimize bitstream_ensure_bits()
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslz_binary_trees.c: Avoid buffer overrun if min_match_le...
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslz_hash_chains.c: Avoid buffer overrun if min_match_len > 3
2014-07-26 Eric Biggersxpress-compress.c: Use dedicated choose-items function...
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslz_hash_chains.c: Add some comments to lz_hc_get_matches()
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslz_hash_chains.c: Hand-inline do_search()
2014-07-26 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslzms-common.c: Don't process first byte in x86 filter
2014-07-26 Eric Biggerslzms-common.c: Add comment to lzms_x86_filter()
2014-07-25 Eric Biggersimagex-export.1.in: Add ESD <=> WIM examples
2014-07-25 Eric Biggersimagex-capture.1.in: Update
2014-07-25 Eric BiggersRemove "brute force" match-finding algorithm
2014-07-25 Eric Biggersresource.c: Make extract_chunk_to_fd() static
2014-07-25 Eric Biggerswim.c: Cleanup
2014-07-25 Eric BiggersCheck return value of wimlib_global_init() when called...
2014-07-24 Eric Biggersinode.c: cleanup
2014-07-24 Eric BiggersRemove some unneeded includes
2014-07-24 Eric Biggersdentry.c: Cleanup + improve comments
2014-07-21 Eric Biggerscleanups
2014-07-20 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Add comment about registry changes
2014-07-20 Eric BiggersSpeed up match length computations
2014-07-19 Eric BiggersMerge compression updates
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Fix memory leak in error path
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_record_ctx.matches
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_write_matches_and_literals()
2014-07-05 Eric Biggers{lzx,lzms}-decompress.c: Include wimlib/error.h, not...
2014-07-05 Eric Biggersxpress-decompress.c: Remove unneeded wimlib.h include
2014-07-05 Eric Biggers{de,}compressor_ops.h: Forward declare params header
2014-07-05 Eric Biggersxpress-compress.c: Rename xpress_match => xpress_item
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Minor cleanups
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersGet rid of input_idx_t
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersRename raw_match => lz_match
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_match => lzx_item
2014-07-04 Eric BiggersEnsure WIM has filename before doing WIMBoot extraction
2014-07-04 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: Set correct error code if rename fails
2014-07-04 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: Minor cleanups
2014-07-04 Eric BiggersPlace headers that could be useful in unrelated project...
2014-07-03 Eric Biggerslzms-decompress.c: Update comments about Huffman codes
2014-07-03 Eric BiggersPlace common decompression/compression code in public...
2014-06-28 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: Fix exclusion when capture path ends...
2014-06-27 Eric Biggersdoc updates
2014-06-26 Eric BiggersWindows replacement for fopen(path, "a")
2014-06-26 Eric BiggersUse tchar for error file path