2013-05-12 Eric BiggersAdd imagex-update.1.in
2013-05-12 Eric BiggersDocument wimlib_update_image()
2013-05-12 Eric Biggersadd_image => add
2013-05-12 Eric BiggersWIM update fixes
2013-05-12 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Document wimlib_add_empty_image()
2013-05-12 Eric Biggersimagex.c: Cleanups, adding some comments
2013-05-12 Eric Biggersadd_image.c: Add more comments
2013-05-11 Eric BiggersInitial imagex_update functionality
2013-05-11 Eric Biggersimagex_update skeleton
2013-05-11 Eric Biggerswimlib_update_image(): Call xml_update_image_info()
2013-05-11 Eric BiggersInitial update functionality (library only)
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersimagex_extract(): Set WIMLIB_EXTRACT_FLAG_NORPFIX
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersDocument imagex-extract and wimlib_extract_files()
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersGet imagex extract --to-stdout working
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersextract cleanups and fixes
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersimagex-extract initial implementation
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersread_header(): Print WIM name in error messages
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-05-05 Eric Biggerswin32_wglob(): Fix too-short malloc of filename buffers
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-05-05 Eric Biggerswimlib.h: Update wimlib_add_image() docs
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersdoc/imagex-capture.1.in: Remove obsolete paragraph
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersdo_write_streams_progress(): Decrease total_bytes when...
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersWin32: Only warn when access denied when setting repars...
2013-05-05 Eric Biggerswin32_writev(): Improve writev emulation
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersread_resource_prefix(): Remove comment about removed...
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersntfs-capture.c: Do no-op reparse-point fixups
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersfiledes_t => int
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersFix comment above read_metadata_resource()
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersWin32: Use O_BINARY to stop Windows from messing with...
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersAdd Windows implementations of pread(), pwrite(), writev()
2013-05-05 Eric Biggersnative fds fixes/cleanups
2013-05-04 Eric BiggersPreliminary support for native fds (UNIX only so far)
2013-04-29 Eric Biggerswin32_capture_try_rpfix(): Fix incorrect conditional
2013-04-29 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS v1.3.3
2013-04-28 Eric Biggersimagex_info(): Do not leak WIMStruct when file not...
2013-04-28 Eric Biggers{symlink,fd}_apply_unix_data(): Print path name
2013-04-28 Eric Biggerswin32_capture_try_rpfix(): Warn on excluded reparse...
2013-04-28 Eric Biggerswimlib_print_wim_information(): Print RPFIX status
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: Set short names
2013-04-28 Eric Biggerswin32-tree-cmp: Do not compare sizes on directories
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersWin32: Fix cross-drive capture rpfix
2013-04-28 Eric Biggerswin32_extract_try_rpfix(): Simplify conditional
2013-04-28 Eric Biggersmaybe_apply_dentry(): Fix NO_STREAMS case
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersWin32: Simplify encrypted extract; re-try on sharing...
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersWin32: Encrypted extract fixes
2013-04-28 Eric Biggersmaybe_apply_dentry(): Treat encrypted directories as...
2013-04-28 Eric Biggerswin32_capture_streams(): Only warn on stream lookup...
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersUpdate README, README.WINDOWS, NEWS
2013-04-28 Eric Biggersmount_image.c: Use fuse_context.umask only when available
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersAdd Windows rpfix tests
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersMisc. fixes
2013-04-28 Eric Biggersrefactor reparse point code; Win32: working extract...
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: Accept ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED for SACL access...
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: More special checks for root directory
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32: Do not set file attributes on root directory
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: Fixes, comments
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersSupport for encrypted restore
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32: Get encrypted capture actually working
2013-04-27 Eric Biggerswin32_set_special_attributes(): Skip compression IOCTL...
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersAdd win32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: clear compression flag when needed
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 extract: Some refactoring; set security on handle...
2013-04-27 Eric Biggerswin32: handle excluded reparse points correctly
2013-04-26 Eric BiggersAdd win32-tree-cmp
2013-04-26 Eric BiggersWin32: Fix, comment capture reparse-point fixups
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersWin32: Do not hard link files with nNumberOfLinks = 1
2013-04-25 Eric Biggerswin32: Do not hard link directories, even if file IDs...
2013-04-25 Eric Biggerswimlib_free(): Add missing pthread_mutex_destroy()
2013-04-25 Eric Biggerswin32_get_short_name(): Add missing FindClose
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersWin32: Do not create lookup table entries for 0 length...
2013-04-25 Eric Biggersunix_capture_directory(): Add missing ret=0
2013-04-25 Eric Biggerswimlib_vmsg(): fflush stderr
2013-04-25 Eric Biggersprint_inode_dentries(): Fix
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersWin32: Show at most 5 hard linking warnings
2013-04-25 Eric Biggersreplace_forbidden_characters(): Use different character
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersRead/write reserved/unknown fields in WIM dentry and...
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersFactor code out from inode_set_symlink() into inode_se...
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersWin32: Skip extracting reparse points when not supported
2013-04-25 Eric Biggersutil.c: Print carriage return before warnings/errors
2013-04-25 Eric Biggersdo_overlay(): Do overlays recursively
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersFix capturing non-directories in source list mode
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2013-04-25 Eric BiggersFixes; write --{no,}rpfix docs; enable --rpfix capture...
2013-04-22 Eric Biggersmake_symlink_reparse_data_buf(): Use full path
2013-04-22 Eric Biggerswimlib_vfprintf(): Handle %W with null pointer
2013-04-22 Eric BiggersWindows rpfix capture (in progress)
2013-04-22 Eric Biggersrpfix extract on UNIX
2013-04-22 Eric Biggersrpfix capture on UNIX
2013-04-21 Eric BiggersUse REPARSE_POINT_MAX_SIZE macro
2013-04-21 Eric Biggersunix_capture_directory(): Use readdir() instead of...
2013-04-21 Eric Biggerscapture_ntfs_streams(): Set 'ret' properly
2013-04-21 Eric BiggersMisc. fixes
2013-04-11 Eric BiggersSimplify write_resource_cb()
2013-04-11 Eric BiggersAdd missing iconv_cleanup()s
2013-04-11 Eric Biggerswin32: Improve support for different filesystems
2013-04-10 Eric BiggersWin32: Add untested support for encryted capture
2013-04-10 Eric BiggersAdjust full path calculations
2013-04-09 Eric BiggersSave original xml_data only when needed
2013-04-09 Eric Biggersimplement WIMLIB_INIT_FLAG_ASSUME_UTF8