12 days ago Eric Biggersexport_image.c: allow duplicate image names in source WIM master
2021-08-03 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac: fix trailing newline issue
2021-07-10 Eric Biggersconfigure.ac: generate version number from git commit...
2021-07-10 Eric Biggersnasm.m4: use AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD
2021-07-10 Eric Biggersv1.13.5-BETA1 v1.13.5-BETA1
2021-07-10 Eric BiggersREADME.WINDOWS: clarify how to build master branch
2021-07-05 Eric BiggersWarn rather than abort if SHA-1 is same but size is...
2021-06-29 Eric Biggerstools/make-windows-release: ensure the headers in tools...
2021-06-29 Eric Biggerstools/make-windows-release: check existence of config...
2021-06-29 Eric Biggerswin32: update WOF ioctl definitions
2021-06-29 Eric Biggerswin32: only define FSCTL_SET_PERSISTENT_VOLUME_STATE...
2021-06-29 Eric BiggersREADME.WINDOWS: fix category of p7zip
2021-04-19 Eric Biggersv1.13.4 v1.13.4
2021-04-07 Eric Biggersv1.13.4-BETA2
2021-04-07 Eric BiggersAdd support for a data recovery mode
2021-04-02 Eric Biggersv1.13.4-BETA1
2021-04-02 Eric BiggersFix slow progress updating for wimsplit
2020-10-27 Eric Biggersv1.13.3 v1.13.3
2020-10-27 Eric Biggerswin32_replacements.c: fix handle closing in win32_wglob()
2020-08-23 Eric BiggersCOPYING: clarify the license
2020-06-05 Eric BiggersConsistently use forums as bug report location
2020-06-05 Eric Biggerswin32_apply: relax bootloader compression blacklist
2020-06-05 Eric BiggersREADME.WINDOWS: fix the Cygwin package list
2020-06-02 Eric Biggersv1.13.3-BETA1
2020-06-02 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: avoid unnecessary fallback to recursive...
2020-05-24 Eric Biggersv1.13.2 v1.13.2
2020-05-24 Eric Biggerswimboot.c: avoid -Waddress-of-packed-member warning
2020-05-24 Eric BiggersUpdate libxml to 2.9.10 for Windows binaries
2020-05-24 Eric BiggersRemove obsolete Linux packaging files
2020-05-22 Eric BiggersUse memcpy() for unaligned accesses
2019-08-25 Eric BiggersFix some typos
2019-07-26 Eric Biggersupdate_image.c: check malloc return value
2019-07-26 Eric BiggersAvoid gcc warnings with -Waddress-of-packed-member
2019-07-20 Jiri Slabymkwinpeimg: syslinux modules may be in /usr/share/syslinux
2019-05-07 Eric Biggersv1.13.1 v1.13.1
2019-04-14 Eric Biggersv1.13.1-BETA1
2019-04-14 Eric Biggerslcpit_matchfinder: fix limiting nice_match_len
2019-04-14 Eric Biggerswlfuzz: improve compression parameter generation
2018-11-23 Eric Biggersv1.13.0 v1.13.0
2018-11-23 Eric BiggersUpdate libxml to 2.9.8 for Windows binaries
2018-11-23 Eric Biggerswlfuzz: compare xattrs on Windows
2018-09-11 Eric Biggersimagex: warn that --update-of is unreliable on Windows
2018-09-11 Eric Biggerswimappend: with --create, ignore --update-of nonexisten...
2018-07-21 Eric BiggersRemove Arch Linux PKGBUILD
2018-07-21 Eric Biggerswimappend: add --create option to create WIM file if...
2018-07-21 Eric Biggerswimextract: allow specifying listfile on stdin
2018-07-21 Eric BiggersMake absolute ExclusionException patterns include ances...
2018-07-21 Eric Biggersimagex: make sure we still use wgetopt_long_only()...
2018-07-20 Eric BiggersFix building on NetBSD
2018-02-28 Eric Biggerssplit.c: fix finding extension of first split WIM part
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersUpdate NEWS
2018-01-21 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: recognize STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED (fixes...
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersUpdate winpthreads to 5.0.3 for Windows binaries
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersUpdate libxml to 2.9.7 for Windows binaries
2018-01-21 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: add --include-integrity option
2018-01-21 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: try harder to optimize out opening templ...
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersImprove explanation for pipable WIM pre-write checksumming
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersMake stream_hash() return NULL for unhashed streams
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersCapture and apply extended attributes on Windows
2018-01-21 Eric BiggersAllow retrieving PACKAGE_VERSION from the library
2017-09-20 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: print version of library being used
2017-07-29 Eric Biggersv1.12.0 v1.12.0
2017-07-29 Eric Biggerswin32_apply: bail if paths are too long for a UNICODE_S...
2017-07-29 Eric Biggerswin32_common: fix windows_msg() with long messages
2017-07-16 Eric Biggers1.12.0-BETA2
2017-07-16 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: add --quiet option
2017-07-16 Eric Biggerslzx_decompress: redeclare input_bitstream above main...
2017-07-16 Eric Biggersunaligned: use may_alias attribute
2017-07-16 Eric BiggersUse dynamically-sized path buffer when scanning files
2017-07-03 Eric Biggersmkwinpeimg: syslinux modules may be in /usr/lib/syslinu...
2017-06-05 Mike Swansonupdate_image.c: Ignore Windows 10 Recycle Bin directories.
2017-04-19 Eric Biggers1.12.0-BETA1
2017-04-19 Eric Biggerstests: test capturing+applying file with negative UNIX...
2017-04-19 Eric Biggerswlfuzz: compare timestamps
2017-04-19 Eric BiggersImproved year 2038 safety
2017-04-19 Eric Biggerstimestamp.c: correctly convert negative UNIX timestamps
2017-04-08 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: note bugs fixed in NTFS-3G version...
2017-03-19 Eric Biggersavl_tree.h: avoid bad function pointer cast
2017-01-29 Eric BiggersAdd tools/clang-build-with-cfi
2017-01-18 Eric Biggersv1.11.0 v1.11.0
2017-01-18 Eric Biggersexamples/compressfile.c: add back colon that got deleted
2017-01-18 Eric Biggerstagged_items.c: statically verify size of tagged item...
2017-01-18 Eric Biggersxattr.h: statically verify size of xattr header
2017-01-15 Eric Biggerslzx_compress: optimize storing information in lzx_sequence
2017-01-15 Eric BiggersDon't generate GUID in wimlib_create_new_wim()
2017-01-14 Eric Biggerslzx_compress: fix corruption with long literal run
2017-01-13 Eric Biggerswimappend: support --delta-from option
2017-01-08 Eric Biggershc_matchfinder: use well-defined initialization of...
2017-01-08 Eric Biggersunix_apply.c: use #ifdef HAVE_XATTR_SUPPORT, not #if...
2017-01-07 Eric Biggersextract.c: recommend --unix-data mode when appropriate
2017-01-07 Eric Biggerstagged_items: rename inode_set_tagged_data() to inode_s...
2017-01-07 Eric Biggerswimdir: make documention correctly reflect that IMAGE...
2017-01-07 Eric Biggerswimmount.1: mention long forms
2017-01-07 Eric Biggerswimlib-imagex: fix recommendation to read PDF documentation
2017-01-02 Eric Biggersv1.11.0-BETA5
2017-01-02 Eric Biggerswlfuzz: sometimes generate security.capability xattrs
2017-01-02 Eric Biggersunix_apply.c: fix applying security xattrs
2017-01-02 Eric BiggersDocumentation updates, mainly to the man pages
2016-12-28 Eric Biggersv1.11.0-BETA4
2016-12-28 Eric Biggerswlfuzz: generate and compare extended attributes