Update version-info
[wimlib] / tests / win32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat
2015-06-27 Eric BiggersAdd Windows tests for empty and max length reparse...
2015-03-22 Eric BiggersAdd additional reparse point tests to win32-test-imagex...
2015-03-15 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply improvements
2015-02-18 Eric BiggersUpdate Windows test script
2015-01-30 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: fixes
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: add tests...
2015-01-29 Eric Biggerswin32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat: add some tests
2014-06-11 Eric BiggersDon't exclude out-of-tree absolute symlinks in reparse...
2013-04-29 Eric Biggerswin32_capture_try_rpfix(): Fix incorrect conditional
2013-04-28 Eric BiggersAdd Windows rpfix tests
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersWin32 apply: Fixes, comments
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersSupport for encrypted restore
2013-04-27 Eric BiggersAdd win32-test-imagex-capture_and_apply.bat