wimlib.h: fix typo
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2016-04-17 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: update notes about libntfs-3g versions
2016-04-17 Eric Biggersunix_apply.c: fix overwriting existing readonly files
2016-04-17 Eric BiggersAdd randomized testing program
2016-03-12 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: correct return value of adjust_compressi...
2016-03-06 Eric BiggersFix detection of non UTF-8 locales
2016-03-06 Eric BiggersRemove sle{16,32,64} types
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: Enlarge FSCTL_QUERY_FILE_LAYOUT buffer...
2016-03-04 Eric Biggerss/NTFS-3g/NTFS-3G/g
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersRename string_set to string_list
2016-03-04 Eric BiggersVarious renamings from "capture" to "scan"
2016-02-21 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: fix misleading indentation
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerserror.c: clarify two error descriptions
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersMake 'wimdir --detailed' show object IDs
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersAdd support for capturing/applying object IDs
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_common: simplify DLL initialization
2016-02-18 Eric BiggersDirectly link with ntdll on Windows
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: handle NtQuerySecurityObject returning...
2016-02-18 Eric Biggerswin32_common: add winnt_fsctl() helper method
2016-02-11 Eric Biggersxml.c: pass non-const xmlNode to xmlHasProp()
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: retry NtReadFile() requests
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: add message about known issue with Windo...
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: explicitly remove extra slashes in link...
2016-02-11 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: don't add extra slash to link target
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: add extra error messages if pread(...
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswrite.c: add error messages around all read and write...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMark VSS support non-experimental
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswrite.c: warn if WIM file cannot be truncated
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersAddress MinGW compiler warnings (harmless)
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersMark functions containing only static assertions intent...
2016-02-09 Eric Biggersextract.c: replace tempnam() with mkstemp() on non...
2016-02-09 Eric BiggersImage metadata updates
2016-02-03 Eric Biggersinode_fixup: don't warn about inode corrections
2016-01-22 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: don't ask for permission to read data...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: correctly handle unspecified security...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersregistry: define MAX_VALUE_SIZE with other limits
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersblob_table: decrease initial blob table size
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersinode_table: don't bother clearing array while preparin...
2016-01-22 Eric Biggersinode_table: make the inode table resizable
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: make open by file ID opt-in
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersxml: (style) use u32 instead of uint32_t
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersupdate_image: tweak error message for SNAPSHOT mode...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggersxml_windows: get correct build number from Windows...
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: pass proper path to scan callback
2016-01-17 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: add alternate scan routine that uses...
2016-01-09 Eric Biggersxml_windows: support non-default system roots
2016-01-09 Eric BiggersReport every link in scan progress
2016-01-06 Eric Biggersextract: track READONLY attribute in supported_features
2016-01-02 Eric Biggersxml: support ARM64 architecture code
2016-01-02 Eric Biggersvss: support on Windows XP
2016-01-02 Eric Biggerswin32_capture: check for STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED from...
2016-01-02 Eric Biggersregistry: support long subkey lists
2016-01-02 Eric Biggersvss: note that it's only supported on Vista and later
2016-01-01 Eric BiggersImplement setting of Windows-specific XML information
2016-01-01 Eric Biggersvss: add useful warning for WOW64 processes
2015-12-27 Eric BiggersAdd experimental support for Windows VSS
2015-12-19 Eric Biggersxml.c: make the different functions to get/set image...
2015-12-19 Eric Biggersxml.c: support numerically indexed elements in wimlib_...
2015-12-19 Eric BiggersUse HTTPS for all links to website
2015-12-19 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: don't clear directory DACL in NO_ACLS...
2015-12-19 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: don't clear directory attributes in...
2015-12-19 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: get NTSTATUS error messages from ntdll
2015-12-19 Eric Biggerswim.c: replace finalize_wim_struct() with wim_decrement...
2015-12-05 Eric BiggersLZMS: always correctly handle misaligned buffers
2015-11-21 Eric BiggersAdjust names of get/put unaligned functions
2015-11-21 Eric Biggersresource.c: fix comment about 4 GiB cutoff
2015-11-14 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: remove DACL from existing directories
2015-11-14 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: rework file deletion
2015-11-12 Eric Biggerswimlib_split(): fix bug where no parts would be written...
2015-11-12 Eric Biggerswrite.c: let compaction work on untruncatable files
2015-11-12 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: minor comment fix
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: more general fixup of WIM-backed files
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: remove unused function
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: tweak code formatting
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerslzx_compress.c: avoid undefined shifts in lzx_flush_bits()
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersresource.c: fix bug in read_compressed_wim_resource()
2015-11-07 Eric BiggersAvoid passing NULL as memcpy source (undefined behavior)
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: Warn about non-Microsoft reparse point bug
2015-11-07 Eric BiggersFix extracting non-Microsoft reparse points
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: wait for FSCTL_SET_COMPRESSION to complete
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersntfs_3g_apply.c: work around EOPNOTSUPP when setting...
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: handle ntfs_attr_pwrite() short writes
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersntfs-3g_apply.c: restore root directory attributes
2015-11-07 Eric Biggersunix_apply.c: extract non-link directory reparse points...
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerswrite.c: correctly handle no existing blob table during...
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerswrite.c: ensure that 'old_integrity_table' is always...
2015-11-07 Eric Biggerswrite.c: don't write integrity table if there is no...
2015-11-01 Eric Biggerswin32_capture.c: experimental fixup of WIM-backed files
2015-10-23 Eric Biggerswrite.c: send first WRITE_STREAMS message before writin...
2015-10-23 Eric Biggerswrite.c: compaction bug fix
2015-10-21 Eric BiggersImproved reporting of concurrent modifications and...
2015-10-19 Eric Biggerswin32_apply.c: dereference reparse point when opening...
2015-10-19 Eric Biggerswimlib_split(): forbid splitting arbitrary WIMStructs
2015-10-19 Eric BiggersDelay xml_update_image_info() until write
2015-10-19 Eric Biggerswimlib_export_image(): improve duplicate image detection
2015-10-19 Eric BiggersForbid modifying multi-referenced images
2015-10-19 Eric BiggersMake WIMStructs reference-counted
2015-10-19 Eric BiggersDon't unnecessarily rebuild exported metadata resources
2015-10-19 Eric Biggerswimlib_iterate_dir_tree(): free d_full_path after using
2015-10-19 Eric Biggersinode: move 'i_extra_size' to 'i_extra' buffer
2015-10-19 Eric BiggersFix various typos