Do not use read() and write() from MSVCRT
[wimlib] / src / win32_replacements.c
2016-05-15 Eric BiggersDo not use read() and write() from MSVCRT
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: add extra error messages if pread(...
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersMove CPU and memory information to util
2015-01-30 Eric BiggersMove errno translation to win32_replacements.c
2014-10-26 Eric Biggerswin32_get_avail_memory(): Report 85% of minimum of...
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUse LGPLv3+ for src/*.c
2014-06-26 Eric BiggersWindows replacement for fopen(path, "a")
2014-05-16 Eric Biggerswin32_replacements.c: Remove unnecessary 'extern'
2014-05-16 Eric BiggersRewrite code for capture rpfix
2014-05-15 Eric BiggersRemove unused win32_truncate_replacement()
2014-05-15 Eric Biggerswin32_replacements.c: Remove unused headers
2014-05-15 Eric Biggerswin32.h: Remove unused stuff
2014-04-29 Eric BiggersAdjust path matching
2014-04-29 Eric Biggerswin32_common.c: Remove unused writev() replacement
2014-01-12 Eric Biggerswin32_wglob(): Improve setting of errno
2013-12-28 Eric BiggersAllow configurable case sensitivity
2013-12-23 Eric BiggersCleanup
2013-12-13 Eric Biggersresource.c: Cleanup and refactor
2013-11-14 Eric BiggersImprove rename behavior on Windows
2013-08-20 Eric BiggersGeneralized support for referencing resources in extern...
2013-08-18 Eric BiggersRemove some unused variables and labels
2013-08-18 Eric BiggersWin32: Adjust error printing
2013-08-13 Eric BiggersMerge branch with pipable WIM support
2013-05-15 Eric BiggersRefactor headers