Use 'restrict' on pointer arguments to all compress() and decompress() functions
[wimlib] / src / lzx_decompress.c
2015-08-18 Eric BiggersUse 'restrict' on pointer arguments to all compress...
2015-07-22 Eric Biggersdecompress_common.h: make bitstream_read_bytes() fill...
2015-07-22 Eric Biggerslzx_decompress.c: switch to out* pointer style
2015-07-20 Eric BiggersMake read_huffsym() return unsigned int
2015-03-27 Eric Biggerslzx_decompress.c: add missing validation in RLE length...
2015-01-25 Eric Biggersheader cleanups
2015-01-11 Eric BiggersMerge LZX compression updates
2014-12-26 Eric BiggersAdjust naming of (de)compression files