A few minor compressor cleanups
[wimlib] / src / lzx-compress.c
2014-09-21 Eric BiggersA few minor compressor cleanups
2014-09-14 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Fix for lazy parsing and multiple blocks
2014-09-14 Eric BiggersCompression updates
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Avoid unnecessary branch in match cost...
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx_write_match(): One-branch check for aligned offset...
2014-09-07 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Optimize output of compressed Huffman...
2014-08-29 Eric BiggersFactor out lz_repsearch() and also use for LZMS
2014-08-23 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Faster extension of repeat offset matches
2014-08-19 Eric BiggersLZX: Allow max_block_size not a power of 2
2014-08-17 Eric BiggersLZX, XPRESS: Use optimized write_bits() functions
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Update some comments
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Don't update recent offset queue unnece...
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Speed up rep match cost evaluations
2014-07-27 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Use local variable for 'optimum' pointer
2014-07-21 Eric Biggerscleanups
2014-07-19 Eric BiggersMerge compression updates
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_record_ctx.matches
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_write_matches_and_literals()
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Minor cleanups
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersGet rid of input_idx_t
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersRename raw_match => lz_match
2014-07-05 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Rename lzx_match => lzx_item
2014-06-12 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Don't compute match/literal array...
2014-06-12 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Don't do redundant work in cost calcul...
2014-06-07 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Honor cache_limit
2014-06-07 Eric BiggersMerge branch 'lz_bt'
2014-06-07 Eric BiggersSwitch from suffix array match-finder to binary tree...
2014-06-01 Eric BiggersShare most e8 processing code between LZX compressor...
2014-06-01 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Clarify there must be at least one...
2014-06-01 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Use pointers in lzx_optimize_block()
2014-05-31 Eric BiggersOptimize Huffman code generation
2014-05-31 Eric BiggersRevert "lzx-compress.c: Simplify calculation of positio...
2014-05-29 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Simplify output of length footer
2014-05-29 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Simplify calculation of position footer
2014-05-26 Eric BiggersRevert "lzx-compress.c: Disable verification by default"
2014-05-26 Eric BiggersUse libdivsufsort-lite, not the full libdivsufsort
2014-05-26 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Disable verification by default
2014-02-10 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Cleanup, mostly comments
2014-01-17 Eric Biggerslzx_compress(): Fix handling of unlikely case
2014-01-02 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Remove unneeded headers
2014-01-02 Eric BiggersAdd wimlib_get_compressor_needed_memory()
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersReplace num_fast_bytes => nice_match_length
2014-01-01 Eric Biggerslz_optimal.h: Cleanup, better comments
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersUpdate LZMS match-choosing
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersFactor out LZ match-choosing code
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersFix test for length 2 matches
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersSeparate suffix array match-finder from LZX compressor
2013-12-29 Eric BiggersMisc fixes
2013-12-25 Eric BiggersNew compression/decompression API
2013-12-13 Eric Biggerslzx_prepare_block_fast(): Increase max_offset
2013-12-13 Eric BiggersFix reading > 16 bits from bitstream
2013-12-13 Eric Biggersbitstream_put_bits(): Mask high-order bits
2013-12-12 Eric BiggersVariable LZX window sizes
2013-12-09 Eric BiggersVariable chunk size support (currently XPRESS only)
2013-12-09 Eric BiggersClean up other compression/decompression code
2013-12-08 Eric BiggersAllow changing WIM compression type
2013-12-08 Eric Biggerslzx-compress.c: Cleanup
2013-12-08 Eric BiggersRemove unused LZX compression code
2013-12-08 Eric BiggersMerge LZX compressor updates
2013-11-18 Eric BiggersFix wimlib_lzx_compress()
2013-11-18 Eric Biggersstruct wimlib_lzx_params: Don't use anonymous union v1.5.2
2013-11-17 Eric BiggersComment fixes / cleanups
2013-11-17 Eric BiggersMerge experimental LZX compressor
2013-08-13 Eric BiggersMerge branch with pipable WIM support
2013-07-02 Eric Biggerslzx_write_compressed_tree(), lzx_read_code_lens():...
2013-05-17 Eric BiggersCompiler stuff
2013-05-15 Eric Biggersxpress-compress.c, lzx-compress.c: Add missing error...
2013-05-15 Eric BiggersRefactor headers
2013-04-08 Eric Biggers--disable-verify-compression by default
2013-03-30 Eric BiggersGet append working
2013-03-29 Eric BiggersWin32: Improve restoring of special attributes
2013-03-28 Eric BiggersExport compression and decompression functions
2013-03-27 Eric Biggersexport compression functions when using special define
2013-03-24 Eric BiggersRemove unneeded parameter from compression functions
2013-03-23 Eric BiggersStyle
2013-03-05 Eric BiggersFix copyright notices
2013-03-05 Eric BiggersAdd 2013 to copyright notices
2013-01-20 Eric Biggerslzx_record_match(): Remove dead assignments to formatte...
2012-12-21 Eric BiggersUse only 16 bits for symbol frequencies
2012-12-21 Eric BiggersLZX decompression cleanups
2012-12-16 Eric BiggersRe-organize code