lzms-compress.c: Remove unused function
[wimlib] / src / lzms-compress.c
2014-11-22 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Remove unused function
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUse LGPLv3+ for src/*.c
2014-09-21 Eric BiggersA few minor compressor cleanups
2014-09-14 Eric BiggersCompression updates
2014-08-29 Eric BiggersFactor out lz_repsearch() and also use for LZMS
2014-08-20 Eric BiggersMake create_decompressor() checks of max_block_size...
2014-08-02 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Fix crash on compression levels 1...
2014-07-24 Eric BiggersRemove some unneeded includes
2014-07-21 Eric Biggerscleanups
2014-07-19 Eric BiggersMerge compression updates
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersRename raw_match => lz_match
2014-06-12 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Don't do redundant work in cost calcul...
2014-06-08 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Don't underrun window when checking...
2014-06-07 Eric BiggersMerge branch 'lz_bt'
2014-06-07 Eric BiggersSwitch from suffix array match-finder to binary tree...
2014-06-05 Eric Biggerslzms-common.c, lzms-compress.c: Use pthread_once()
2014-06-04 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Fix typo
2014-05-31 Eric BiggersOptimize Huffman code generation
2014-05-15 Eric BiggersRemove duplicate words & fix grammatical errors
2014-04-29 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Add missing header for --enable-verif...
2014-01-09 Eric Biggerslz_sarray: Use 16-bit length
2014-01-02 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Fix initialization of lzms_default
2014-01-02 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Remove unused constant
2014-01-02 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Remove unused code for lzms_fast_encode()
2014-01-02 Eric BiggersUpdate references to LZMS compressor
2014-01-02 Eric Biggerslzms_init_compressor(): Do not zero end of window
2014-01-02 Eric BiggersAdd wimlib_get_compressor_needed_memory()
2014-01-02 Eric BiggersLZMS: Accelerate slot-finding
2014-01-02 Eric BiggersUpdate LZMS compressor
2014-01-01 Eric Biggerslz_optimal.h: Cleanup, better comments
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersUpdate LZMS match-choosing
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersFactor out LZ match-choosing code
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersUpdate LZMS LRU queue handling
2014-01-01 Eric BiggersSeparate suffix array match-finder from LZX compressor
2013-12-28 Eric BiggersAllow configurable case sensitivity
2013-12-26 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Add extra space for lz_analyze_block()
2013-12-26 Eric Biggerslzms-compress.c: Find matches with lz_analyze_block()
2013-12-26 Eric BiggersUpdate LZMS compressor - can now output literals
2013-12-26 Eric BiggersShare LZMS x86 filter between compressor and decompressor
2013-12-25 Eric BiggersNew compression/decompression API