Stop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
[wimlib] / src / lcpit_matchfinder.c
2016-07-09 Eric BiggersStop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
2016-04-28 Eric BiggersRestore comments that were accidentally deleted
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUse more comprehensive public domain dedications
2015-09-27 Eric Biggerslcpit_matchfinder: prefetch multiple steps ahead
2015-09-25 Eric BiggersSplit prefetch() into prefetchr() and prefetchw()
2015-02-24 Eric Biggerslcpit_matchfinder: cleanups and optimizations
2015-02-19 Eric BiggersA few cleanups and fixes from recent changes
2015-02-16 Eric BiggersLCP-interval tree matchfinder improvements
2015-01-31 Eric BiggersSuffix array based matchfinder updates