inode_table: remove unused num_entries member
[wimlib] / src / inode_table.c
2015-07-02 Eric Biggersinode_table: remove unused num_entries member
2015-06-23 Eric BiggersConsistently forbid directory hard links from being...
2015-06-05 Eric BiggersDon't bother clearing i_devno after inode number reassi...
2015-06-05 Eric BiggersRename i_hlist => i_hlist_node
2015-05-02 Eric Biggerswim_inode: Remove i_list, leaving only i_hlist
2015-04-11 Eric BiggersRemove unnecessary argument to hlist iteration macros
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersLimit exposure of dentry and inode creation
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersStream and blob updates
2015-01-24 Eric BiggersClean up inode alias tracking
2014-12-15 Eric Biggersinode.h, inode.c cleanup