Do not use read() and write() from MSVCRT
[wimlib] / src / file_io.c
2016-05-15 Eric BiggersDo not use read() and write() from MSVCRT
2015-06-23 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: get rid of raw_pread() and raw_pwrite()
2015-06-23 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: set errno=EINVAL on unexpected end of file
2015-06-23 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: fix handling of EINTR
2015-05-02 Eric BiggersMake win32.h includable on non-Windows
2015-01-25 Eric Biggersheader cleanups
2014-09-27 Eric BiggersUse LGPLv3+ for src/*.c
2014-05-15 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: Remove unused header sys/uio.h
2014-05-12 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: Remove unused full_writev()
2013-12-23 Eric BiggersCleanup
2013-12-13 Eric Biggersfile_io.c: Cleanup
2013-08-13 Eric BiggersMerge branch with pipable WIM support
2013-05-15 Eric BiggersRefactor headers