WIMBoot / system compression: try WOFADK in addition to WOF
[wimlib] / src / compress_common.c
2015-06-05 Eric BiggersNew helper macro: ALIGN()
2015-01-25 Eric Biggersheader cleanups
2015-01-03 Eric BiggersMisc. cleanups
2014-12-16 Eric BiggersRemove support for --enable-more-assertions configure...
2014-08-17 Eric BiggersLZX, XPRESS: Use optimized write_bits() functions
2014-07-05 Eric BiggersGet rid of input_idx_t
2014-07-03 Eric BiggersPlace common decompression/compression code in public...
2014-06-14 Eric Biggersmake_canonical_huffman_code(): Stricter validation...
2014-06-08 Eric BiggersA few comment fixes
2014-06-08 Eric BiggersRemove a few unnecessary includes
2014-05-31 Eric BiggersOptimize Huffman code generation
2013-12-25 Eric BiggersNew compression/decompression API