Fix sequential extraction, and include progress info
[wimlib] / rpm /
2012-11-19 Eric BiggersStart using soname for libwim
2012-11-18 Eric BiggersPTHREAD_LDADD
2012-11-18 Eric BiggersVarious portability fixes
2012-10-29 Eric BiggersVarious packaging issues
2012-10-25 Eric Another update
2012-10-21 Eric BiggersClean up spec file
2012-05-22 Eric BiggersFix libcrypto flag in rpm/
2012-05-04 Eric BiggersUse URL
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersInclude pkgconfig in RPM
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersPackages for Debian, Redhat, and ArchLinux in tree