Stop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
[wimlib] / include / wimlib / lzms_common.h
2016-07-09 Eric BiggersStop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
2016-02-09 Eric Biggerslzms_common.h: add cast needed if sizeof(int) > sizeof...
2015-09-19 Eric BiggersReplace BUILD_BUG_ON() with STATIC_ASSERT()
2015-08-18 Eric BiggersLZMS: more bit decoding/encoding optimizations
2015-08-08 Eric BiggersLZMS: share 'struct lzms_probabilities' between compres...
2015-02-13 Eric BiggersRewrite of LZMS compressor
2014-12-26 Eric BiggersAdjust naming of (de)compression files