Stop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
[wimlib] / include / wimlib / lz_extend.h
2016-07-09 Eric BiggersStop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
2016-07-09 Eric Biggersbitops: rename bit scan functions
2016-07-02 Eric BiggersRename WORDSIZE to WORDBYTES and introduce WORDBITS
2016-07-02 Eric Biggerslz_extend: simplify lz_extend() slightly
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUse more comprehensive public domain dedications
2015-12-19 Eric Biggerslz_extend.h: fix for CPU_IS_BIG_ENDIAN && UNALIGNED_ACC...
2015-01-11 Eric BiggersMerge LZX compression updates
2015-01-03 Eric BiggersMisc. cleanups
2014-12-11 Eric Biggerslz_extend: little endian CPU is necessary for byte...
2014-12-10 Eric Biggersportability and compression cleanups
2014-08-14 Eric BiggersMore lz_hash_chains, lz_binary_trees performance improv...