header.h: fix outdated comment
[wimlib] / include / wimlib / header.h
2015-05-03 Eric Biggersheader.h: fix outdated comment
2015-04-04 Eric Biggersinode/blob cleanups
2015-03-26 Eric BiggersStream and blob updates
2015-02-17 Eric BiggersVarious cleanups
2015-02-14 Eric BiggersConsistently use the name "solid resource"
2015-01-25 Eric Biggersheader cleanups
2014-07-24 Eric BiggersRemove some unneeded includes
2014-05-13 Eric BiggersFix checks for huge numbers of images
2014-05-13 Eric BiggersReplace WIM_GID_LEN => WIM_GUID_LEN
2014-04-18 Eric BiggersSupport basic reading WIMBoot WIMs
2014-01-14 Eric Biggerswimlib/header.h: Improve comments
2013-12-26 Eric BiggersAdd wimlib_set_output_{pack_chunk_size,compression_type}()
2013-12-23 Eric BiggersCleanup
2013-12-23 Eric BiggersRewrite of write_stream_list(), and writing packed...
2013-12-20 Eric BiggersCleanup and add more comments
2013-12-14 Eric BiggersSplit wim_resource_spec from wim_lookup_table_entry
2013-12-09 Eric BiggersVariable chunk size support (currently XPRESS only)
2013-11-13 Eric BiggersAdd notes about possible new WIM format and LZMS compre...
2013-08-15 Eric BiggersMiscellaneous fixes and cleanups
2013-08-13 Eric BiggersMerge branch with pipable WIM support
2013-05-22 Eric BiggersFix WIM_HDR_FLAG_{WRITE_IN_PROGRESS,READONLY} docs
2013-05-17 Eric Biggersheader.c, lookup_table.c: Read/write data from structures
2013-05-15 Eric BiggersRefactor headers