Stop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
[wimlib] / include / wimlib / hc_matchfinder.h
2016-07-09 Eric BiggersStop force-inlining everything marked 'inline'
2016-04-27 Eric BiggersUse more comprehensive public domain dedications
2015-09-27 Eric BiggersRename 'pos_t' to 'mf_pos_t'
2015-09-27 Eric BiggersAllow hc_matchfinder and bt_matchfinder to be "templated"
2015-09-27 Eric Biggershc_matchfinder optimizations
2015-09-25 Eric BiggersGet rid of matchfinder_common.h and manual memsets
2015-08-07 Eric Biggershc_matchfinder.h: fix comment
2015-01-14 Eric BiggersLZ hashing cleanup
2015-01-12 Eric BiggersEnsure validity of max_search_depth
2015-01-11 Eric BiggersMerge LZX compression updates
2015-01-03 Eric BiggersMisc. cleanups
2014-12-23 Eric BiggersFaster XPRESS compression