Update version to 1.4.2
[wimlib] / doc / imagex-extract.1.in
2013-06-12 Eric BiggersUpdate version to 1.4.2
2013-05-21 Eric BiggersMan pages: Improve WIM path docs
2013-05-20 Eric BiggersSupport extracting "long" paths on Windows
2013-05-20 Eric BiggersDocument handling of invalid filenames
2013-05-13 Eric BiggersMan page cleanups
2013-05-13 Eric Biggersimagex-extract.1.in: Add missing --dest-dir docs
2013-05-13 Eric BiggersUpdate version number to 1.4.0; update NEWS
2013-05-12 Eric BiggersMore wimlib-imagex man pages updates
2013-05-12 Eric BiggersDoc updates
2013-05-05 Eric BiggersDocument imagex-extract and wimlib_extract_files()