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[wimlib] / debian / control
2015-12-19 Eric BiggersUse HTTPS for all links to website
2015-08-03 Eric BiggersReplace SourceForge references with
2014-08-07 Eric Biggersdebian/control: Fix Depends
2014-08-03 Eric Biggersdebian/: wimlib9 => wimlib15
2013-08-17 Eric Biggersdebian/: update
2013-05-24 Eric BiggersUpdate debian package
2013-05-24 Eric BiggersUpdate Debian package
2013-05-15 Eric BiggersUpdate Debian package
2012-11-18 Eric BiggersVarious portability fixes
2012-10-29 Eric BiggersDebian package updates
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersAllow libssl0.9.8 for dpkg dependency
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersBuild Debian package with debhelper 7
2012-05-02 Eric BiggersPackages for Debian, Redhat, and ArchLinux in tree