What's new/changed on wimlib-1.13.1?

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What's new/changed on wimlib-1.13.1?

Post by Alacran »

@ Synchronicity

I just came yesterday to take a look if there is some new version of this fantastic tool and I found there is a new version wimlib-1.13.1 from May 6, 2019.

Thanks Synchronicity for the continue development of your great tool, but unfortunatelly I can't find any topic related to new/changed/improved features on this version.

Would you please be so kind to explain me(us) what the changes/additions are?

Thanks in advance


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Re: What's new/changed on wimlib-1.13.1?

Post by synchronicity »

The changes are always summarized in the NEWS file that's included in all the downloads. For v1.13.1 there was just a single bug fix:

Version 1.13.1:
  • Fixed a crash or incorrect output during LZMS compression with a compression level greater than 50 and a chunk size greater than 64 MiB. This affected wimlib v1.8.0 and later. In the unlikely event that you used all these non-default compression settings in combination, e.g. 'wimcapture --solid --solid-compress=LZMS:100 --solid-chunk-size=128M', run 'wimverify' on your archives to verify your data is intact.

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