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Changes in Server 2019 images

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:26 pm
by supercilious

I have made some Server 2019 based images for testing in my home lab, and I came across this warning from wimlib-imagex:

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[WARNING] E:\\Windows\System32\WimBootCompress.ini:72: Unrecognized section "[PinningFolderList]"
This section exists in the (default) WimbootCompress.ini from the MSDN Server 2019 Datacenter evaluation image:

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Any idea what the purpose of this section is? I don't actually use wimboot compression or compact deployment on my server images, but I do usually capture with the --wimboot flag because its an easy way to exclude logs and temp files etc from my images. It doesn't seem to cause any issues that I can tell, but I am curious to know what this pinning functionality is.