Installing drivers on an image to use with pxelinux.

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Installing drivers on an image to use with pxelinux.

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I saw this article here
Talking about using mkwinpeimg to create an image I can use use with pxelinux.
I use pxelinux at work to boot Clonezilla, a Fedora installer and an Ubuntu installer.
I even have an old windows 10 preinstall environment that I had setup before (I can't remember how I had got it working) I use it to fix booting issues with windows.

I found the above article and thought it would be an interesting way to install windows.
Some questions. What does mkwinpeimg do that allows pxelinux to boot it?
I looked up adding drivers in the forum and it looks like I would need to learn about DISM or something to create a bootable image first then I guess I can use mkwinpeimg on the output of that to create an image to use with pxelinux?

I know I will run into computers that I will need to add drivers to and I'd like to know the best way to do so and use the image with pxelinux to boot up an installer.
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