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merge images

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:54 am
by bliblubli
would it be possible to have a function to merge images a bit like in Git? User 1 adds some files in a local tree like file 1 and 2 in directory A, user 2 adds other files in it's local tree (same structure) like file 3 and 4 in directory A. I would like to merge those 2 trees in one, to have files 1 to 4 in directory A. In conflict case, user could choose between a rule (like most recent version, keep both with auto-rename, etc.) or a case by case decision.
At the moment, the only way I found was to backup the full 2 trees as different images. Although internally the wim only contain one instance of each file and not 2, the ways we have to access the wim content only allows to see the "dumb" images with lots of duplicates. Such a merge option would allow to easily manage trees modified locally in multi-user environments.