wimlib 1.9.0 released

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wimlib 1.9.0 released

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wimlib 1.9.0 has been released. From the NEWS file:

Added experimental support for Windows VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service).
The new '--snapshot' argument to 'wimcapture' makes wimlib automatically
create and use a temporary VSS snapshot when capturing a WIM image.

Implemented setting of Windows-specific XML information, such as
architecture, system root, and version details. This information is now
automatically set in newly captured WIM images, when appropriate.

Improved performance of directory tree scans on Windows.

On Windows, to improve capture performance, wimlib now sometimes opens
files by inode number rather than by path. This is enabled for
wimcapture and wimappend, but for now other applications have to opt-in.

The progress messages printed by wimlib-imagex while writing WIM files
have been slightly tweaked.

Progress information for directory tree scans now counts all hard links.
Also, on Windows "\\?\" is no longer stripped from the current path.

Added a new '--image-property' option to 'wimcapture', 'wimappend', and
'wiminfo'. This option lets you assign values to elements in a WIM
file's XML document by name.

The wimlib_get_image_property() and wimlib_set_image_property() API
functions now support numerically indexed elements.

Fixed a bug where, on Windows, wimlib would change the security
descriptor of the target directory of an extraction even when the
'--no-acls' option was specified.
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