wimlib 1.13.0 released

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Re: wimlib 1.13.0 released

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No, the real issue is that Windows Explorer doesn't show whether files are in the "externally backed" state or not. I don't see what wimlib can do that would magically solve that issue. I think it just needs to be something you clarify in your product's documentation. You say that removing the NTFS compression attribute would help. It may help for you personally as you are aware that Windows implements several different types of compressed files which behave differently, but for most people I think it would just make things even more confusing. And no, the NTFS compression attribute isn't completely irrelevant on WIM-backed files. It indicates that the file will be compressed in the future if modified (which I think is the expected behavior, if the user had marked it as compressed originally...), and that alternate data streams may already be compressed as well.

BTW, your proposed change has nothing to do with the 1.13.0 release, as it deals with longstanding behavior. So please create a new thread, preferably including a coherent argument for your proposal, if you want to continue discussion.

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Re: wimlib 1.13.0 released

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Thank you.

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