wimlib-imagex - multilingual ?

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wimlib-imagex - multilingual ?

Post by Tokener »

Dear friends of the wimlib project

To make the versatility of wimlib-imagex available to as many users as possible
there is now a multilingual graphical user interface for wimlib-imagex.
The interface takes over the formulation of the command lines.

Wimlib-clc - the command-line-compiler
(a development of wimlib_clc)

now is the laborious and meticulous typing in of the command lines past.
By using the mouse, (almost) all possibilities of wimlib-imagex can be exploited.

the use of a tool in your own language should simplify the handling and help to avoid mistakes.
therefore, by loading a language file, the surface of Wimlib-clc can now be personalized.
Buttons and explanations are displayed in the local language.

There are already language files in the following languages:
- english (standard)
- Spanish
- German

Everyone is invited to translate the language file for his compatriots and thus make wimlib-imagex accessible for a new language room.

just because wimlib-imagex has very special abilities, it is suitable to take on a wide range of tasks.

I hope that you succeed with Wimlib-clc to successfully realize all desired projects.

Download: http://reboot.pro/files/file/588-wimlib-clc/ - Password: clc
Alternative download location: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p2v2c2qc ... 5.zip/file - Password: clc

the enclosed file clc_readme _*-*.txt contains instructions for the use of Wimlib-clc in the respective national language.

Many Thanks
to Eric Biggers (synchronicity) for the development of wimlib-imagex.
to the operators of wimlib.net for the provision of this platform.
especially to alacran for his help with the realization of Wimlib-clc.

Regards T.
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Re: wimlib-imagex - multilingual ?

Post by Tokener »

Hello friends

there is a file repository for wimlib-clc related files.

(Rename date coded files for auto-recognition. see instructions)

Password: clc
http://www.mediafire.com/folder/a39a3ke ... Wimlib-clc

Upload translations here:
https://www.mediafire.com/filedrop/file ... cf0c40ee55

Regards T.
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wimlib imagex multilingual

Post by Rimham »

Hi synchronicity, Running wimlib-imagex.exe without any parameter, I got the following message displayed in a message box : wimlib-imagex.exe - cannot not find entry point Exception Processing Message c0000139 Parameters 16c6b8 172178 75b4bf7c 75b4b7c OS : Win XP SP3 Later, any chance to support XP?
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