[solved] combining --source-list and --config=

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[solved] combining --source-list and --config=

Post by Tokener »

How do I have to configure the %config-file% section [ExclusionList] to keep wimlib-imagex from capturing certain files from the %source-list%?
I tried to exclude two files by this:

; ---------- wildcard

; ---------- slash

; ---------- backslash

; ---------- path
but excluded files were still captured. What's wrong?

Best regards T.
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Re: combining --source-list and --config=

Post by synchronicity »

[ExclusionList] works with --source-list, so I'm not sure what went wrong for you.

One caveat is that if you use an absolute path glob (one beginning with / or \ -- note, it doesn't matter which type of slash you use), it will match separately from each source directory.

So for example if you have:


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... the files /a/dir/foo.txt, /b/dir/foo.txt, and /c/dir/foo.txt would be excluded, as would any file called bar.txt.

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